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Franchise consulting.

How it works?

We do the hard work for you, you do not have to spend hundreds of hours doing research to invest in a franchise. We do all the hard work for free, you do not have to pay us a single cent.

There are hundreds of franchises, it is not easy to find the right one, the one that fits perfectly with your budget, interests, preferences and life style. With our guidance and advice you will find, in a matter of days, the few franchises that best match your profile, we would even contact the franchises for you and help establish a communication line so you do not have to start from ground zero.

We are your franchise ownership tour guide. Investing in a business is a life-changing event. We help you thoughtfully navigate through the selection and due-diligence process. We save you time and prevent you from throwing your money down the drain.


Take our fast and easy Self-Assessment in order to identify your business ownership preferences and interests, life goals, career objectives, ideal job description, and financial criteria.


Using the results of your Self-Assessment, we will discuss how your business ownership preferences, ideal job description, and work experiences align with your prospective franchise interests and create a custom Profile.

Opportunity assessment

We will identify franchises that match your Profile and present you with those options.  Our inventory includes more than 400 Franchises, we know that most of those are not within your reach, interest or preferences so we help you evaluate those few that matches your profile.

Final exploration

Once the opportunities are narrowed to a few options we will explore the opportunities together so that you will choose the business that is most appropriate for you and the next chapter of your life.