CleanNet USA Inc.


Mark Salek founded CleanNet USA in 1987 and opened the company’s first office the following year in Columbia, Maryland, providing cleaning services to commercial clients in the Baltimore/Washington, DC, area.

Today, CleanNet’s uniformed force offers a variety of cleaning services for commercial, retail and industrial facilities in financial, hospitality, medical and other industries.

The growing commercial cleaning industry continues to be an incredibly rewarding opportunity for today’s entrepreneur. Commercial cleaning remains one of the most stable investments for future growth, with more than $110 billion billed annually. Now is the time to put yourself in the center of this rewarding industry and realize the opportunities for owning your own business.

You’ll operate your own local franchise under license from CleanNet USA. CleanNet USA gives you the initial contracts, training, equipment, and supplies to get started, plus ongoing phone center, billing and marketing support. You can start your new franchise as a part time or a full time business. As a CleanNet USA franchisee, you will work with clients to ensure their satisfaction, and grow the business at your own pace.


Investment: $20,367 – $85,410




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