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Are you a collaborative and energetic entrepreneur?  Hungry to make a difference in the health food industry? FRESH – Healthy Cafe is a global leader in the booming healthy fast-casual food industry, and we are seeking passionate partners who share our mission in healing the world one healthy meal at a time. Through years of hands-on experience, we operate under a scalable system that meets all areas of the Fresh business model to ensure a successful launch and years of rapid growth. Exclusive opportunities include Unit and Multi-Units Franchises, Master Franchises and Co-Branding Franchises.

With such a passion for fitness, nutrition and the environment, it was only fitting that FRESH founder, Jeff Parker, was intrigued with the vision of a healthy alternative to unhealthy, and immoral food chains. Creating a special brand with integrity was always at the forefront of FRESH – Healthy Cafe”. As a consumer, he was really annoyed with the incredibly unhealthy food chains products, their massive environmental foot print and them knowingly selling toxic food and drinks with marketing gimmicks. Offering
natural, healthy food and drinks all served in 1005 eco-friendly containers to give people a truly healthy experience was something Jeff was very passionate about.

People and our environment deserve much better than what the fast food chains were offering.
After several years operating Juice Bar in Vancouver and Toronto with partners, Jeff decided to take all of his business and healthy restaurant knowledge and start FRESH

– Healthy Cafe. Expansion would be by franchising to people that shared his passion for healthy food and drinks, the environment and business ethics. FRESH – Healthy Cafe was perfected and launched in early 2009 and now has over 30 locations across North America and internationally. More locations are opening monthly.

FRESH was one of the first companies to combined fresh, high quality smoothies, and juices along with a full line of healthy, freshly prepared foods. All products are made fresh to order. Our customers are many and very loyal as they share the same health and environmental philosophy of FRESH.

Fee: $30,000

Investment: $243,540 – $365,820



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