Green Shine. Car detailing franchise.



We offer you the right to own and operate a Green Shine franchise in your own exclusive territory. When you request information about this opportunity, we work very closely with you to walk you through the process at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Car washing is a service that is always in demand and will always be needed as long as there are cars on the road. You’ve probably even spent some time considering opening a car wash and detailing business of your own while waiting in line for a wash. You’ve seen a dozen or more cars in queue, with each owner paying between $10 and $30+ for a wash, and if you go for a wax or deep detail will go even higher. If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may have started doing some quick math in your head—projecting what the car wash owner is probably making in one month, then one year. Maybe you even thought “Wow, this place is a cash cow!”

With our unique ecofriendly  waterless technology and car wash system there is serious income potential and a lot of flexibility based on how you plan on operating this business.

Our proprietary products allow you to wash and detail cars without using water which gives you significantly more freedom and flexibility to where and how you offer your services. When you own a Green Shine waterless car wash franchise, you own the right to operate this business as either a mobile operation, a location based operation or both, within your exclusive territory.

Green Shine is every day moving forward. Developing new products, new techniques and providing to our customers the best high end services to have their vehicles  fully protected. That’s why everyone knows Green Shine as a revolutionary Car Wash and Detailing Center!


As a mobile operation, you can run this business from your home and visit customers at their job or home and provide a first class waterless car wash and detailing service without moving the car from its original parking spot. Our proprietary online portal allows customers in your territory to book their mobile car wash appointments with a few clicks of a mouse. Since your customers pay for their desired wash online and ahead of time, your mobile car wash operator has no need to handle money. Our franchisees have accounts setup with commercial and residential buildings to offer our unique mobile car washing services to their tenants. This is very easy to setup and allows you to start making money immediately.

Franchising Since

2011 (8 Years)

Fee: $19,900

Investment: $28,010 – $160,615




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