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Starting a business

There are no limits on new ideas to start a business. Entrepreneurship is the core machine that keeps economy running, but it is difficult to start a new business. The entrepreneur must think about a lot of stuff, lack of a clear idea of where and what to sell seems to be the most important issue that stops most of wannabes to turn into real entrepreneurs.

A franchise is a business model that releases a heavy burden from your shoulders, you do not have to find what to sell and you do not have to find where to sell it. A franchise is a proven system that is already in place; those that started the business (years ago) have done all the hard work to find what to sell and are actually selling, therefore no proof-error-correction to make, the franchisor had done all the investment in place to find what to sell and to whom (and where). A franchise is not only a system of production and commerce, it is a lot more, a franchise is a brand already recognized by customers when you open a new unit of a franchise customers are already aware of the brand, they know what you are selling, they have read third party reviews, previous self-experiences and clearly know if they prefer or not what you are selling.

A franchisor has also learned about where to sell, they have found that certain demographics are more inclined that others to buy the product they sell, so the franchise acts accordingly and will work with the new franchisee to find a location that meets the criteria of the demographics.

The franchise helps an entrepreneur that knows nothing about a business to start a business based in a previous experience, knowledge that otherwise would be very costly for the entrepreneur to acquire. Thinking about starting a business from scratch? Think again, because you may lose time and money to reach a place others have already reached and in exchange of an initial fee (franchise fee) and a participation in your income (royalties) they are willing to share with you to contribute to your success