In 1851, a group of immigrants from Illinois, led by one Arthur Denny, arrived at Alki Point on the eastern shores of the Puget Sound. The settlement they created was named Seattle in honor of a helpful local Indian leader, chief Sealth.

Seattle was incorporated in 1869. Before long, the settlement became the largest city in Washington. By early 1900 the city’s population rose to 40 thousand. In 1907 a couple of entrepreneurs founded American Messenger Service with a hundred dollars borrowed from one of the partners’ uncle.
American Messenger Service operated out of a baseman, like many big companies they started small. After the first five years in operations the company employed a hundred employees; by 1919 they expanded to San Francisco and became United Parcel Service (UPS).

The original site of American Messenger Service is marked by Waterfall Park (downtown Seattle at 2nd Avenue and Main Street), constructed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in 1977 to honor UPS employees worldwide.
In 1975, UPS moved its headquarters to Greenwich, Connecticut and began serving all of the 48 contiguous states of the United States. The expanded operations to all 48 states made UPS the first package delivery company to serve every address in the Continental United States.

Today UPS is an industry-leading Franchise Model: Ranked #1 in the business services industry by Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Franchise 500” for 29 consecutive years.

I walked into a UPS store this morning. Encinitas is a quiet suburb of San Diego and the woman and his father that own the store are the best example of high standards of customer service, after finishing my transaction we exchanged some words talking about cable services and Internet operators and weather, I felt at home.