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Visa Franchise

The purchase of a franchise is probably one of the less risky investments compared to start a business from scratch or buying an existing business.

A franchise ensures the investor a well established business model, with manuals of operations, with an image and recognized brand and frequently a customer base ready to buy from you. Additionally a total amount of investment defined down to the smallest detail so no surprises in the process.

Franchises with a total investment of one hundred fifty thousand dollars (or more) that generate at least two jobs for American citizens may qualify for an E-2 investor visa application.

Investing in a franchise to move base to United States investment is not easy since a franchise agreement joins two parts (the franchisee and the franchisor) for the long term (usually at least five years), and there are few franchises well established that they wish to enter into negotiations with aliens whose immigration status is uncertain (don’t forget that E2 investor visas are granted to the investor who has already invested, not that plans to invest); Therefore the best alternative and not waste time searching through hundreds of franchises (many of which do not accept foreigners without proper immigration status) is working with a consultant who has already established ties with franchises that have interest in supporting foreigners who wish to apply to an E2 investor visa. )

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